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The Mutant Manifesto

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Birthdate:Aug 3, 1931
Location:Westchester, New York, United States of America

Erik Lehnsherr aka MAGNETO | X-Men (FC Era Movieverse)

- Description: Early thirties, six feet tall, thin but muscular, light reddish-brown hair and striking blue eyes. Tattoo of a six digit number on his inner left forearm from his time spent in Nazi concentration camps as a child.

- History: Born November 12, 1931, Erik Lehnsherr was a 13 year old child in 1944, when his powers emerged under traumatic circumstances: he was taken from his parents and watched helplessly as they were marched towards the ovens of Auschwitz. In a desperate attempt to reach them, he bent the metal gates of the camp nearly in half and it took several guards to subdue him. This event brought him to the attention of mutant Dr Klaus Schmidt, who had Erik brought to his office. He asked Erik to move a coin (it must be much simpler than a large iron gate, after all) and when he was unable to, Schmidt had Erik’s mother brought to the office as well, and shot her in cold blood when Erik could not move the coin on the count of three. Witnessing his mother’s murder brought on a deep, mournful rage and Erik’s power showed its great potential as he took it out on every metal object in the room, but he still could not control it. Schmidt then spent an unknown amount of time (perhaps the remainder of the war… perhaps longer) torturing Erik in a laboratory in order to ‘nurture’ his immense but raw power.

Nearly twenty years later, Erik was traveling the globe in search of Schmidt in order to exact his revenge, with no qualms about inflicting pain or even death on anyone who stood in his way. In the course of that investigation, he met Charles Xavier, a mutant with extraordinary telepathic powers, and – despite a somewhat shaky start and vastly different philosophies – quickly developed a close friendship. Erik urged Charles to work for furthering mutant rights while Charles taught Erik how to control his power by calming his mind and finding the focus that lay ‘between rage and serenity’, rather than through pain and anger as Schmidt had… and far more successfully.

Working together, Charles and Erik managed to uncover Schmidt’s plan for destroying humanity and allowing mutants to emerge as the new dominant species on the planet. Eventually they found Schmidt (now known as Sebastian Shaw), stopping his sinister plan at the last minute. Erik then boarded Shaw’s submarine to find the man himself while Charles handled telepathic surveillance. If Erik could uncover Shaw’s mind, then Charles could subdue him.

Erik did, indeed, find Shaw. Removing the helmet Shaw wore to make him impervious to telepathic penetration, Erik allowed Charles to freeze Shaw before putting the helmet on himself, blocking out Charles’ voice from his head. With Shaw helpless, Erik killed Shaw (as he’d promised and as he’d warned Charles, though Charles had tried to change his mind) using the coin he’d kept from that first meeting.

Subsequently, Erik and Charles would fall out over these vastly different opinions on how mutants and humans should interact – Charles believed humans and mutants should learn to coexist, while Erik saw parallels between Germany’s treatment of the Jews under the Nazis and humanity’s treatment of mutants and believed that only one or the other could survive. He became what he saw as a freedom fighter for his people: the mutants. As he told Charles, he had been the victim of men just following orders already and would never allow it to happen again.

- Powers/Skills: Erik is a Class Four mutant with the ability to manipulate any kind of metal. He can also speak several languages fluently and is well educated and athletic.

- Disclaimer: Erik Lehnsherr belongs to Marvel and is portrayed by Michael Fassbender. I'm affiliated with neither. This journal is for roleplaying only and not for profit.

"There is no land of tolerance. There is no peace. Not here or anywhere else."
-- Erik Lehnsherr

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